All2Pay is a comprehensive payment acceptance system providing reliable, real-time, market-tuned solutions
with the power of automation and AI.

We provide merchants with a fully automated and customisable payment platform with customisable integration
tools and 24-hour customer support.

All2Pay is the leading payment software solution in Southeast Asia.


All2pay platform provides reliable, scalable, fast and efficient payments for our users and merchants.

All2pay’s payment acceptance software solutions, coupled with comprehensive Back Office Support,
provide our clients with reliable, market-tuned solutions needed to provide fast and efficient services


Founded in 2013, All2Pay has quickly become the market leader in Southeast Asia. Processing millions of transactions each month with our fast and secure payment acceptance software, we provide our customers with reliable market-tuned payment solutions
All2Pay has offices in all major markets and ensures infallible risk management with our advanced knowledge of payment industry compliance mandates and years of experience in tactics used to detect and divert data fraud schemes.
All2Pay support team is backed up with intricate processes and tools to reduce and eliminate risk at the industry level through advanced trending and analytic reporting tools used to review and monitor detailed transaction data. These advanced, proprietary security protocols ensure that All2Pay is a safe and secure portal for all of your online payment needs.


At All2Pay security is our number one priority. Our software is built on the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that your sensitive data is never compromised
Our Support team is on-hand 24/7 to provide you with the tools and information necessary to help control and reduce risk at the industry level.
Our advanced trending and analytic reporting tools are available for you to review and monitor all of your transaction data.

Merchant Risk Guarantee

All2Pay’s will ensure that your funds are never compromised and is backed by our Merchant Risk Guarantee. Our infallible payment software is specialised for high risk industries.

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